The classic smokey eye never goes out of style and suits everyone. Avoid using more than two coats of mascara so that you don't create unsightly clumps and lumps in your lashes. Be sure to blend it at the inside corners with your highlighter, so that there isn't a harsh divide between the two colors. Use a smudging brush to create a soft, smokey ef… Read More

Do you know the true cost of sending to bad email addresses? We'll validate the addresses and send you the results. Our API provides the ability to check individual email addresses and can accept an email list through file upload. Check: Our experts check each email address to find out if it is fake or real, and is accepting emails or not.Subscript… Read More

eLYQD is á decentralized ethereum baséd ecosystem market that will be the framework fór the entire vaping sector. One of the main features of éLYQD is certainly the use of blockchain technology, that allows making the system transparent, open ánd as secure as possible for both transaction partiés, reduced amount of purchase and business cóst… Read More

Fort Triumph is now in Early Access has begun and we have a look at the brand new world map even though trying legendary difficulty. Small patch 0.7.6 is live with a slew of fixes and changes based on your feedback. These minimal patches will release frequently and focus on immediate fixes and solutions, while major patches will introduce new conte… Read More

We went toy hunting at Target for My Little Pony The Movie Official Toys. While the treasure hunt (there were 800 tokens buried in a field, to be dug up and exchanged for a sex toy) formed the peg - so to speak - of the event, the day was otherwise much like any summery festival: mud, music, beer tents and desperate queues for the Portaloos.So … Read More